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Karate school ki club cool joins Gemeente Amsterdam Stadspas Kidsgids project-welcome to start karate practice

Kidsgids Amsterdam

English version > 7 t/m 14 jaar Het symbool van Shotokan karate is de tijger, vanwege zijn souplesse, kracht, lenigheid en gratie. Precies dit train je in de karatelessen. Je wordt leniger, krijgt een betere conditie en raakt meer in balans. Karate maakt je lichamelijk en geestelijk sterker. Join the club en word een Shotokan…

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Hagakure-teaching-1 at karate school ki for traditional Shotokan karate-do in Amsterdam Center and Monnickendam

HAGAKURE ‘Hidden among the leaves’ 1

HAGAKURE: There is Always Room for Improvement I have heard that a certain master swordsman, having reached old age, made the following statement: Lifetime training “A samurai’s training lasts a lifetime, and there is a proper order to it. At the lowest level of training, even though you practice, you do not seem to improve,…

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ki = karateschool voor traditioneel Shotokan te Amsterdam en Monnickendam sinds 1994 - wachter of the Tōdai Temple

Martialarts mascottes

The Four Guardians Martialarts Mascottes: The Four Guardians 👹👹👹👹 of the Tōdai Temple, Nara, Japan. Statue in dry clay. ‘Dit is Komoku-ten, the guardian of the west, symbolizes the un of A-un. His expression is that of the spirit of power in reverse.’ (Karate-Do Kyohan, Gichin Funakoshi, blz 246) The Cosmic Dance A & UN:…

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Original samurai teachings at ki from samurai-turned-priest Jōchō Yamamoto (1659-1719). Hagakure (Hidden among the leaves) is a guide, organized as a loose collection of thoughts, on how samurai should conduct themselves. - ki karateschool voor traditioneel Shotokan te Amsterdam en Monnickendam

HAGAKURE ‘Hidden among the leaves’ 2

HAGAKURE Hidden among the leaves 2 (◣﹏◢)╯ Hagakure – Hidden among the leaves: “A Man’s Appearance. One should always be equipped with rouge and powder. Sometimes it may happen when waking up with a hangover that one’s color is bad. At such times, one should take out one’s rouge and apply it.” Bushido philosophy The…

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Ma-ai 2 (間合い) #2 at ki karate school located in Amsterdam Centre and Monnickendam since 1994 by Amsterdam karate school ki Amsterdam | karate-amsterdam | shotokan-amsterdam | Amsterdam | karate | ki | summer-course | korting | shotokan karate amsterdam, amsterdam karate, amsterdam shotokan, karate herengracht, Karate centrum, centrum karate, montessori school, montessori school Amsterdam, mindfulness, mindfulness Amsterdam, mindfulness karate, mindfulness karate Amsterdam, karate mindfulness, karate mindfulness Amsterdam, daruma, darumapop, daruma doll, Bodhidharma, leermeester, karate leermeester, leermeester Amsterdam, daruma Amsterdam, darumapop Amsterdam, daruma doll Amsterdam, Bodhidharma Amsterdam, daruma karate, karate darumapop, karate daruma doll, karate Bodhidharma, karate daruma, darumapop karate, daruma doll karate, Bodhidharma karate, warrior, warrior pose, karate warrior, warrior pose karate, Amsterdam warrior, warrior pose Amsterdam, karate warrior Amsterdam, warrior pose karate Amsterdam, virabhadrasana, virabhadrasana Amsterdam, virabhadrasana karate, virabhadrasana karate Amsterdam, karate journal, journal, journal Amsterdam, karate journal Amsterdam, zwarte band, zwarte band Amsterdam, zwarte band karate, zwarte band karate Amsterdam, black belt, black belt Amsterdam, black belt karate, black belt karate Amsterdam, black belt club, black belt club Amsterdam, black belt karate club, black belt karate club Amsterdam, karate-do bond nederland, karate-do bond, karate-do bond Amsterdam, chinees karate, chinees karate Amsterdam, china, china karate, china karate Amsterdam, wing chun, wing chun karate, wing chun karate Amsterdam, world behind your eyes, Ma-ai 2 (間合い) #2,

Ma-ai 2 (間合い) #2

Advancing and retreating Ma-ai 2 – (間合い) en/of Ma (間). part 2: “The Ma requires advancing and retreating, separating and meeting.” The mind is the same with Heaven and Earth The circulatory rhythm of the body is similar to the sun and the moon The Law includes hardness and softness Act in accordance with time…

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Kidsgids: ki en GEMEENTE AMSTERDAM voor STADSPAS. Interview Kidsgids met Anish. “Ik wil de zwarte band halen als ik twintig ben.” Na één proefles wist Anish (6) het meteen: hij wil door tot de zwarte band. Met zijn oma oefent hij de moeilijke Japanse woorden van de houdingen. En in de les doet hij…

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