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Karate class online

karate class online ki – lesson 1 Karate class online. This is the time. The first online karate lesson is a fact. Our club teacher Thérèse Zoekende taught last Sunday morning. Ki has now been closed for two weeks due to government measures. The measure is intended to attempt to curb the Corona…

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Keep moving, keep fit!

Keep moving, keep fit! Dear members, we would like to share the attached newspaper article with you. It emphasizes the importance of moving in these quarantine times. At the moment our karate school ki in Amsterdam and Monnickendam is unfortunately closed. The karate online project was set up to be able to follow karate…

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karateschool online

ki karateschool online – les 2 / lesson 2 Online karateschool Tekst uit Gichin Funakoshi’s, Karate-do Kyohan, The Master-tekst. Text from Gichin Funakoshi, Karate-do Kyohan, The Master text. De waarde van karate als atletische training (pagina 11) Bij karate moet het hele lichaam in alle richtingen kunnen bewegen. In tegenstelling tot bijvoorbeeld de nadruk…

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Stadspas-kidsgids-amsterdam-ki-clubcool-karate-school-Karate kickoff – met Beginnerslessen at ki karate school located in Amsterdam Centre and Monnickendam since 1994 - post by Amsterdam karate school ki Amsterdam | karate-amsterdam | shotokan-amsterdam | Amsterdam | karate | ki | absolute beginner-course | korting | shotokan karate amsterdam, amsterdam karate, amsterdam shotokan, karate herengracht, therese zoekende Amsterdam, therese zoekende monnickendam, karate therese zoekende, karate patrick koster, shotokan patrick koster, patrick koster shotokan, shotokan therese zoekende, therese zoekende shotokan, therese karate, karate therese, patrick karate, karate patrick, home karate, karate home, karate huis, karate zuiver, karate zuiver Amsterdam, shotokan Amsterdam, zuiver karate, shotokan karate Amsterdam, internationaal karate, karate Amsterdam stadspas, karate Waterland,

Stadspas Kidsgids 2019/2020

Stadspas Kidsgids 2019/2020 – Gemeente Amsterdam Aanbieding Karate Stadspas Kidsgids Grgrgrgrgr: een tijger in Shotokan karate voor kinderen met een stadspas van 5 t/m 14 jaar. Periode: september t/m februari of februari t/m juni 2020 Stadspas: €10,- per cursus, normaal €185,- Herengracht 34 ki Aanmelden U kunt uw kind aanmelden voor de Kidsgids aanbieding door de…

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