Kumite class 1: Masahiko Tanaka

ki club.cool = karateschool voor traditioneel Shotokan te Amsterdam en Monnickendam sinds 1994 - KUMITE CLASS-Masahiko Tanaka

Kumite class 1 @xxxx[{::::::::::> Masahiko Tanaka:
During a fight, you should mentally create your own world behind your eyes. In this way you can seize the initiative and connect the elements that influence your goal in a positive way. But what does “your own world” mean?. . .
For example, you fill the whole area that you reach with your hands and feet with a fog coming from your heart, and cover your entire body with it. Now you can say: “this is the world I have to protect.” When you do this it should be easier to feel the spatial distance between you and your opponent. Perfecting Kumite, Masahiko Tanaka, p 31.

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