Kumite class 4: Masahiko Tanaka

Kumite class 4: Masahiko Tanaka at ki club.cool karate school located in Amsterdam Centre and Monnickendam since 1994

Kumite class 4 @xxxx[{::::::::::> Masahiko Tanaka:

“In my case, I always try to catch my opponent’s eyes. There is a strong relationship of action and reaction between the eyes and the movements of the body. This is very useful when breaking your opponent’s rhythm.
That does not mean looking in a shallow way. Instead it means using your eyes deeply, as if they were at the back of your head, and scrutinizing the opponent as a whole, while following his line of vision at the same time. This way your posture stays natural and improves your mental energy as well as your balance. You can use this mental energy to put pressure on your opponent.” Perfecting Kumite, Masahiko Tanaka, p 30

Illustration: “Dorsal Maternal Eye. A pair of auxiliary eyeballs that mothers develop in the back of their head. This allows them to prevent their kids from ever doing anything remotely fun or cool.”

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